A header visual of the fleet scheduling part of Movi's platform, showing a calendar view for several fleet vans and the pickup/dropoff calendar events each van has scheduled.
Fleet Management
Increase vehicle utilization, optimize daily schedules, and gain visibility into valuable utilization metrics that drive more informed decision-making.
Resource optimization: Realize efficiency gains by extracting extra use out of the resources you already own
Utilization and data visibility: Get a clear picture of your fleet's utilization to increase the number of trips you can manage per day
Prevent outsourcing cost: Avoid unnecessary transportation spend by servicing more trips in-house

Increase fleet utilization with better data visibility, trip management, and KPI tracking

Having visibility on your fleet utilization helps you maximize the number of trips your facility is able to facilitate while using the vehicles you already have at your disposal. Mōvi's fleet management module is designed to help you gain visibility on your fleet operations and schedule your trips efficiently.
Product visual of a calendar view of daily trips.

Manage daily trip schedules for all vehicles and drivers with optimized routing

Quickly understand the day ahead and and manage your fleet vehicles with a complete calendar view of all pick-ups and drop-offs. We automatically generate routes that factor in a variety of optimization factors, including traffic speeds and distance between facilities.
A product visual showing a badge of 3 unread notifications for Tomorrow and 6 unread notifications for Thursday.
Receive prompts for unscheduled trips
Easily manage manually adding new trips to your fleet schedule or select auto-dispatch mode to have new trips automatically assigned to a driver based on your desired parameters.
An image depicting four van drivers and buttons which allow their routes to be edited or removed.
Manage schedules and availability
Set designated downtime, break times, and windows of availability at the driver and vehicle levels or choose bulk actions, giving you ultimate control over fleet scheduling.
A visual depicting two toggles, one to minimize vehicles and the other to avoid tolls—illustrating the flexibility of the Movi platform based on the user's inputs.
Customize route optimization parameters
Create routes that take into account the variables you care about most, including minimizing number of vehicles, maximum wait times before or after the appointment time,  load/unload time, etc.
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