A product header showcasing a stack of three transportation invoices with various statuses.
Billing and Invoicing
Use our built-in billing module to streamline invoicing with responsible payer calculations, electronic documentation, and cost controls.
Automatically calculate payers: Utilize built-in business rules and Medicaid/Medicare considerations to determine responsible payers
Stay on top of documentation: Receive prompts when documentation such as CMNs are needed (and capture all signatures digitally)
Avoid unnecessary spend: Easily keep track of all invoices and ensure you only pay for trips for which you are responsible

Simplify invoice approvals with clarity, accuracy, and visibility on the trips your facility is paying for

For care facilities and healthcare organizations, Mōvi expedites the invoicing process so you don't have to manually reconcile lengthy invoices from transportation providers. We automatically create breakdowns of your trips separated by self-pay, center responsible, center override, and center not responsible—giving your team clear visibility into what your facility is paying for, if you should be paying for it, who approved it, and why.
A product visual showing a series of grouped bar charts that separate transportation invoices by month and category (correctly billed, incorrectly billed, and possible recapture).
A product visual depicting invoice statuses and actions such as "Pending Manager Auth" or "Sent to Accounts Payable".

Get paid faster and resolve trip disputes more efficiently

For transportation providers, Mōvi makes it easier to expedite invoices through the accounts payable pipeline. We provide clarity on when an invoice has been viewed by a facility, where it is in their accounts payable process, and who has yet to review/approve it (if applicable). We also help facilitate partial invoice disputes, so one small trip dispute no longer holds up payment on an entire invoice.
A product visual showing an itemized transport invoice.
Invoices categorized by payer type
Use our itemized invoices to quickly understand which types of trips your facility is taking, which trips contribute most to overall transportation cost, and where cost savings can be realized
An illustrated visual of a tree diagram that shows a transport invoice split into two categories: agreed and disputed trips.
Split invoices and fast track disputes
With the old way of invoicing, one $25 disputed trip can hold up the rest of a $5,000+ transport invoice—we help you settle payment immediately for agreed-upon trips while generating a revised invoice to send back disputed trips for resolution
A product visual showing an array of invoice status tags such as approved, rejected, draft, resubmitted, and center override.
Easily stay on top of invoice status
Understand at a glance the current status of all invoices with categorized tags for approval status and payer responsibility, giving you immediate visibility into next steps and required actions
Join the healthcare organizations around the country who are simplifying their medical transportation with Mōvi.
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