A header visual showing trip information such as patient name, trip status, departure/arrival times, etc.
Trip Management
Simplify the end-to-end process of creating new transport orders and managing existing/upcoming trips.
No more picking up the phone: Avoid manual phone calls with trip creation and scheduling handled directly within our platform
Avoid billing and invoicing mistakes: Calculate the correct payer for each trip automatically with built-in payer rules and trip history
Use any providers: Assign new trip requests to your existing preferred transportation providers or broadcast to a larger network

Start with a simple trip request

Auto-populate information directly from the patient's EHR (if applicable) and specify trip parameters such as date, time, destination, and required accommodations (e.g., equipment or medications). Our platform guides your staff through the trip request process and helps determine the applicable payer and appropriate level of service. When ready, submit requests digitally to transportation providers—no more tedious scheduling phone calls required.
A product visual showing a trip request module with an example of patient name, trip date, time, appointment type, a status tag, and a button to submit the trip.
A product visual showing an action required, a red notification badge, and an option for the transport provider to decline or approve the trip.

Efficiently handle trip approval directly with transportation providers

Once a trip is submitted, transport providers respond, and trips are assigned according to your organization's business/contract rules. If anything changes, you can update trip details as needed or communicate directly with the transport provider through our chat feature.
A product visual that shows a trip monitoring module with trip status, departure time, ETA, and a location pin on a map.
Stay up to date with ETA monitoring
Stay on top of all trips and their statuses, including up-to-date departure and arrival times, with real-time trip monitoring directly in your Mōvi dashboard
A tree diagram visual showing a branching of actions based on whether a trip is scheduled or ready now.
Highly flexible and business rules driven
We factor in any existing contracts your facility has with preferred transportation providers and any associated response time or right of first refusal requirements that must be met
A product visual depicting the broadcast process in which a trip request is sent to multiple transport providers simultaneously and one provider is selected to service the trip.
Waterfall trips or broadcast simultaneously
When submitting a trip request, select a waterfall order that sends trip requests to transportation providers in a designated order at specified time intervals or elect to broadcast trips simultaneously for first available response
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