Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement explains the information gathering, use, security, and dissemination practices of Movi Healthcare, Inc (“Movi Healthcare”) and applies to the website(s) located at and (referred to herein as the “Platform”). This Privacy Statement only addresses Movi Healthcare’s practices regarding information collected through or from the Platform – it does not address or govern any information gathered outside of the platform.  

What Mōvi Healthcare Does

Mōvi Healthcare is a provider of Medical Transportation software solutions for the United States and is headquartered in the United States.  For more information about Movi Healthcare, please see the “About” section of the website at

Platform Visitor Information

Movi Healthcare may collect or track (1) the computer domain names, email addresses, type of client computer, operating system, type of Web browser, and general activity of visitors to the Platform, (2) information provided by the visitor in online forms, requests to receive notifications, surveys, email, and (3) aggregate and user-specific information regarding which pages Platform visitors access.  For our public web sites, Movi Healthcare may place “cookies” on visitors’ hard drives. Cookies save data about individual visitors, such as the visitor’s name, password, username, platform preferences, and the pages of a site viewed by the visitor. When the visitor revisits the Platform, Movi Healthcare may customize the visitor’s experience accordingly. Visitors may decline cookies, if any, by using the appropriate feature of their web browser, if available.  For our secured web sites requiring a username and password, Movi Healthcare tracks all data entered or changed in the system via audit trails as per state and federal regulations.

User Security

Users of our secured web sites requiring a username and password are required to abide by industry accepted security practices including but not limited to use of strong passwords, securing and not sharing passwords, etc. Movi Healthcare will never request that users click links in emails to resolve account issues. Assume any email requesting your account information or passwords, purporting to come from Movi Healthcare or one of its affiliates, to be spam or a phishing attack. Do not click on any links in the email. Please forward a copy of the suspected email to with a title of “Attempted Phishing Attack”

Data Use

Data collected by Movi Healthcare may be used by Movi Healthcare for many reasons, including but not limited to marketing and promotions, general feedback, user customization, data analytics, product development, or business process execution. Aggregate data on visitors’ computers may be used for internal purposes, and individually identifying information, such as names, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information which visitors voluntarily provide to Movi Healthcare may be added to Movi Healthcare’s databases and used for communications regarding Platform updates, new products and services, and upcoming events, among other things.

Movi Healthcare also may use Platform visitor data to contact Platform visitors regarding account status and changes to the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Statement, and any other policies or agreements relevant to Platform visitors.

Third-Party Disclosure

Aggregate data on visitors’ computers and individually identifying information, such as names, postal and email addresses, phone numbers will not be provided to third parties such as marketing firms.

Non-identifiable visitor information provided to Movi Healthcare may be provided to third parties who provide products, information, or services which Movi Healthcare believes that visitors may be interested in directly or indirectly purchasing or obtaining. Identifiable or non-identifiable data also may be disclosed or distributed to another party with which Movi Healthcare enters or reasonably may enter into a corporate transaction, such as, for example, a merger, consolidation, acquisition, or asset purchase, or to a third party pursuant to a subpoena, court order, or other form of legal process, in response to a request by or on behalf of any local, state, federal, or other government agency, department, or body, whether or not pursuant to a subpoena, court order, or other form of legal process, or if determined by Movi Healthcare in its sole judgment that such disclosure or distribution is appropriate to protect the life, health, or property of Movi Healthcare or any other person or entity.

While Movi Healthcare may attempt to ensure that any third party to which Movi Healthcare discloses personal data is under a contractual obligation to use the personal data solely for the purposes for which the data was disclosed, such third parties are independent third parties over which Movi Healthcare exercises no control, and Movi Healthcare is not liable or responsible for their conduct, actions, omissions, or information handling practices.


Movi Healthcare has deployed numerous industry-standard security measures and best practices to prevent the unauthorized release of personal information. However, please be advised that the confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted to or from Movi Healthcare via this Platform cannot be and is not guaranteed. Additionally, Movi Healthcare is not responsible for the security of information transmitted via the Internet.  


Visitors may opt out of having their personally identifiable information shared with third parties except as necessary for Movi Healthcare to provide the services requested by contacting Movi Healthcare via certified postal mail at the address below.  Nothing in this section will restrict Movi Healthcare’s rights and duty to track information in accordance with applicable law.

Correcting Personal Data

Movi Healthcare will provide to the visitor a summary of any personally identifiable information retained by Movi Healthcare regarding the visitor upon a visitor’s request via certified postal mail. A visitor may correct or update their personally identifiable information by contacting Movi Healthcare via postal mail, email, or telephone at the addresses or numbers below.

Suspected Security Breach Attempts

Users or visitors of the Platform must notify Movi Healthcare immediately if they suspect a possible security breach has been attempted or successfully completed. Please notify Movi Healthcare via email at or call the phone number listed below.

Right to Change Privacy Statement

Movi Healthcare may change this Privacy Statement at any time. Notice of any new or revised Privacy Statement, as well as the location of the new or revised statement, will be posted on the Platform for at least 60 days after the change. It is the obligation of users returning to the Platform to learn of changes to the Privacy Statement since their last visit. Any change to this Privacy Statement shall be effective as to any visitor who has visited the Platform before the change was made.

Movi Healthcare can be contacted by mail at PO Box 39, Charleston, SC 29402 or by phone at 888-600-4641.